Video Anakluh faced Earth

Friday, February 4, 2011

video anakluh faced earth
A film by the Indonesian children who graced many cinemas in Indonesia, which was taken from a novel titled "Anakluh faced Earth" by Eduart Party Sirait, "ANAKLUH" ready to compete. Here's her story reviews:

"Anakluh" film tells the story of a single parent figure, Idayu (43), a young, beautiful, smart and interesting. Idayu have two beautiful daughters, Mira (23) and Kirei (18). One day at a concert held at JHCC, Idayu met with Nando (43). Where the meeting is not in the plan, they both became close and managed to find a match among them.

Closeness between Idayu and Nando, welcomed by the 2nd daughter, and even tied the openness of communication between Idayu, Mira, Kirei and Nando. Mira who admired the figure of Nando, feel comfortable to discuss and chat with Nando. For Mira, Nando is the figure of a friend, a friend, as well as a father. Clandestinely, she began to find out about the figure of Nando. which ultimately makes Miranda fell in love with Nando, beloved mother.

One day, she decided to come clean on his mother that he fell in love with Nando. Based on his affection for Miranda, Idayu decided relented, leaving Jakarta for work and settle in Bali. Idayu departure, leaving scars in the hearts Nando, because he loved Idayu

Time is running fast, successfully passed Idayu with solitude in Bali. Until one day, Idayu was tasked to meet with clients in Jakarta. Idayu course very happy, because Idayu he can simultaneously see and give a surprise to Mira, Kirei, and Nando. Apparently his return to Jakarta to bring many surprises for Idayu.

Video Anakluh faced Earth :

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