Video of The Green Hornet

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Video of The Green Hornet
Make friends who like to watch, if my previous post the new film 2011 with the title The Mechanic that came with Link Download, then posting the previous Fast and Furious V, as seen from the side of the story is very interesting. Recently there is also a new movie that is also very interesting to watch, here below is a short story and "Video of The Green Hornet" 

"The Green Hornet" started as a fictional character who dikreasi by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker for an event in American radio station, which debuted in 1936. Since then the character of The Green Hornet and Kato, his sidekick appeared in many media, including the emergence of a serial comic and film series in 1940. Not only that, The Green Hornet also created the television series that aired from 1966 to 1967. There are interesting about The Green Hornet television series version which was played by Van Williams as Britt Reid aka Green Hornet, who serves as Kato is Bruce Lee. Through the Green Hornet series, Bruce Lee as Kato's role was eventually indirectly introduce American domestic culture with kung fu martial arts., And martial arts are also gaining popularity since the 60s. 

The Green Hornet was not only known in America alone, but success in Hong Kong, with a title better known as "The Kato Show", since that's when Bruce Lee finally played in several films and made him famous as what we know now, a pop-culture icon. Although the comic The Green Hornet is still emerging until 2010, but this character no longer has appeared in television and film, but the characters tributnya Kato made in Hong Kong film "Black Mask" is played by Jet Li in 1996, then there is "Legend of The Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen ", which in one part of the movie, Donnie Yen plays the character Chen Zhen shown working undercover in a style inspired by Kato. Well then in 2011, The Green Hornet re-emerged for the first time on the big screen, directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep, Be Kind Rewind).
The film, starring Seth Rogen as Britt Reid aka Green Hornet, while Kato was played by Jay Chou, will tell a media businessman son, Britt Reid, who turned 28 years diumurnya can only lounge careless of the wealth of his father, James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) who want their children to change and not just partying and embarrassing to do it in. The Daily Sentinel newspaper, which notabennya owned by the father. Wildlife Britt Reid was still continues even when the father was found dead due to an allergy to bee stings, he was the last to know about it. Britt Reid's relationship with his father did not run that good, Britt was only remembered by his ravings and the nature of the severity that he had received since childhood, but this death still makes him hit. After the funeral, Britt was venting his frustration by firing all the employees at his home, except a waitress and was lucky he did not dismiss Kato, a mechanically reliable, good at martial arts, and coffee maker terenak. 

Britt and Kato's meeting begins with coffee and then went on to get drunk together while throwing his hatred of the late James Reid. They foolishly decided to go to the funeral and Britt's father cut the head of the statue. Here for the first time that Britt and Kato in action to save a couple of thugs disorders, but they are actually behind chased by the police because they suspected criminals. Car chase ensued, although a little screwed Britt and Kato eventually return home safely. Inspired by the events that recently occurred, Britt think why they're not all just fighting crime, with a kind of superhero, but the difference they will be disguised as a bad guy to get close to the real criminals. Kato also agree with the idea and with the expertise to make advanced tools he needs to prepare everything, including costumes, some equipment, weapons, and vehicles equipped with sophisticated weapons, named "Black Beauty". 

Britt also take advantage of the Daily Sentinel to promote their evil actions for the center of attention of many including the criminals. Since then newspapers are inherited by his father's story focuses on the criminals who were given the name "Green Hornet". By the name of his new alter ego, Britt and Kato who acted as sidekick plus "driver" to continue their evil acts. On the other hand, a real villain named Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) that controls the mafia leaders in Los Angeles under his rule, started hot with costumed criminal act of disturbing territory. "Green Hornet" will now have a rival and enemy names so they are not only targets but also targets the media killings, the success "Green Hornet" catch the criminal kingpin LA or just those who are "stung" first? 

Michel Gondry name itself is the main attraction of this film, how the director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind would eventually handle an action film, because so far Gondry is known as the theme of romantic, drama and comedy. "Green Hornet" was not entirely will contain the actions of adrenaline boosters, look who the author's name, namely Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg himself, is only natural that this film will also be filled with comedy that you could say that familiar with the films before Seth Rogen . Comedy Gondry seems not a problem for it, as he also directed and wrote his own movie-themed comedy "Be Kind Rewind" with the main star Jack Black, but the question is whether Gondry can match the comedy written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Both these men as we know it is a partner in crime in writing and also produced films under the banner of comedy Judd Apatow clan, like the example of "Knocked Up", "Superbad," "Pineapple Express" and "Funny People". Question without further ado answered by Gondry and "Green Hornet" him, be prepared to laugh because since the beginning of the film will offer jokes and humor that it will remind us of the style of production Apatow movie, but Gondry himself seem able to limit the comedy for the not too "Apatow" and to distance his film from that impression. 

Sting! that's the right word when talking about the packaging that combined action with comedy in "The Green Hornet". When the comedy was so successful makes me laugh to see how Seth Rogen was acting, plus he now will not only act in making people laugh but also hung in a superhero action movie, which if I remember correctly he had never done in previous films . Seth Rogen was able to divide the portion of humor to Kato played by Jay Chou, who although not as much as the dialogue portion of the other players do not reduce the charm of humor here, even her inability to speak English that well in fact be its own cuteness. Seth Rogen Seth Rogen still be as we know, funny words that came out of his mouth, beraktingnya style when delivering humor is nothing has changed, in this movie I saw Seth Rogen as Seth Rogen, still funny as ever, which is different is that he now is the masked superhero action-comedy in the film is handled by a Gondry. 

Talking about action, not just as well if it spelled out "The Green Hornet" had a dish of action that does not nothing, though there was nothing new except when Gondry played with something special called "Kato Vision", lined the action scenes are arguably able to entertain the eye and also this adrenaline to jump about with Kato and the Green Hornet, in reality, Gondry does not make a bad action movie. The portion which is relatively abundant action is not really "sting" like what is done by the portion of comedy, but all was covered with so-called "Kato Vision", I will not reveal all the surprises that exhibited by Gondry here, so you should really watch yourself to feel the sensation of "Kato's Vision" is. Unfortunately, the arena show "Kato Vision" is very rare in munculkan by Gondry, as well as support the weighty stories. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg really focus on filling the story with the explosion of humor rather than take the story to not lead to a cliche, and in some parts quite boring. 

The story focuses on our hero duo also gives a small space in the portion of the other players to appear later, Cameron Diaz for example that could be considered only a sweetener that provides useful info for the Green Hornet. While Christoph Waltz who played the main villain Chudnofsky, can still display the unique characteristic of acting through Russian accent and his style is sometimes silly-silly scary. Waltz is still able to maximize a limited portion to be fused with humor-humor that is, he still manages to look cute do not want to lose to the Green Hornet, of course. Of all the shortcomings that emerged, this is where the hard work of Gondry, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will be tested to be able to cover the shortcomings and they proved to be successfully made the final outcome of "The Green Hornet" to avoid sinking. Through slapping comedy and explosive action that once again I call: entertain! "The Green Hornet" is still worthy to be seen on the big screen, to feel the sting and also 3D sensation that can be somewhat effective in some parts of the action, especially when Kato Vision into action.

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