Hanoi Bride

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hanoi BrideHanoi Bride, is a movie from the Korean tv series with two special episodes, with a set of themed backgrounds Vietnam during the end of the Vietnam War. played by Park Eun Woo (Lee Dong Wook) who works as a doctor at a clinic in Hanoi who later fell in love with a Vietnamese girl Ly Thi Vu (Kim Ok Bin). Due to the sudden death of his father, he must return to Korea in a hurry but give him the message.

His elder brother Park Sok Woo (Lee Won Jong) who worked as a farmer on the ground was hard pressed by his mother to go to Vietnam to find his wife and he was finally brought Ly Thi Vu to Korea in order to marry her. Song Il Lan (Yoo Hye Jung) is a childhood friend Park Sok Woo and he realizes that he's in love with him and he had a feeling that was with him.

When the misunderstanding between Woo Sok Park and Ly Thi Vu get clarified and truth began to open, her mother, who initially thought Ly Thi Vu which will become the first son and wife did not like him think that he will be fit for her second child who is a doctor. Ly Thi Vu injured and returned to Hanoi. Then she realized the stupidity and mengalah.Park Eun Woo did not want to give up Ly Thi Vu and so he returned to work in Hanoi and looking for him.

Director: Park Kyung Ryul
Writer(s): Park Yun Hee
Cinematography: Park Kyung Sik
Cast: Lee Dong Wook, Kim Ok Bin, Lee Won Jong , Kang Boo Ja, Yoo Hye Jung, Lee Kwang Ki, Jo Hyang Ki, Lee Soon Jae

Title: Hanoi Bride/ Ha-no-i Sin-bu
Also known as: Bride from Hanoi
Format: Chuseok Special
Episodes: 2
Viewership ratings: 9%
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast date: September 19, 2005
Air time: Monday 10:25AM & 11:25AM
Source: Hanoi Bride

- Hanoi Bride 01
- Hanoi Bride 02
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