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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Story"When we love another .. Could this be brave hearts .. As much as possible .. my love will never be lost .. My heart .. "
This song was the one who introduced all at once unites the love between Sheridan and Irwansyah some time ago.
Starting from the set, love the location also blossomed.
After a long period of dating, Asha had to go overseas to continue his studies and left alone in the country Irwan. Love is limitless time and space was aground swallowed this time. Now they have separated.
Even Irwansyah plans to marry Zaskia Sungkar, brother of Shireen Sungkar who is an artist and singer.
But professionalism is tested when they are referred to act as a pair of lovers who fight for their love in the latest big screen movie, Love Story.
Love Story tells of Ranti and Galina played by Acha and Irwansyah. They had known each other since the small. 
They grow and are always together. Included in when they have to travel the steep and the weather is not support to be able to go to school because they do not exist in the village school.
All together it has been growing affection and mutual dependence between each other.
Realizing they left the area and do not get proper education, Ranti was determined to become a teacher.
With the help of Galileo, Ranti too can make a statue of a teacher and increasingly convinced him to achieve his goal.
Because of love, Galina also wants to help Ruth desires can become reality.
When growing up, they were increasingly confident they will love and want to make it happen in the form of the sacred bond of marriage. However, based on trust, inter-village residents are not allowed to unite because of their geographical location between the villages are separated by a river. 
It lies just like the already confirmed that the river is the separator and if there are people who insist on violating customs will bring disaster for both villages. To avoid things that are not desirable, the parents were bringing Galileo Galileo to move to the city. Those who are familiar with since childhood was forced to split up.
Year after year Ranti remain faithful awaiting return Galina. Although there is no certainty, Ranti still believe her lover will not forget. While waiting, Ranti often accompanied Pengkor teaching. Since there is no building that can be used, Ranti teaching in the outdoors. 

Loyalty will hold Ranti lead to happiness. Galina went back to the village after many years left Ranti alone. Galina came to realize their love and realize the dream Ranti.
Galina who now have enough money eventually to build a school for Ranti can teach. This homemade school will be equipped with a water wheel as a source of electrical power, such as dreams Ranti. The community welcomes their intention when the construction done.
But the love between them is felt more deeply. When Galileo proposed Ranti, people like turning 180 degrees. Ranti and Galina back ostracized because of their love. Good faith to promote the village had not honored again by the residents who prefer traditional trust. 
Galileo continues to work to build schools with both hands. When Galileo was wanted membukikan to the community, Ranti can not help him. Ranti even locked up by his father (Reza Pahlevi) so as not to violate customary. The grandmother did not dare to liberate Ranti for fear of bad luck will happen.
Due to work with without knowing the time and tired, Galina was sick. Residents begin to assess that this is the effect of breaking the curse. Like when a student who died of a shortcut through that should not be skipped. Galina pain was treated the same as the death of the student. Occurs because both violate customary.
Galileo Genesis pain that has been associated with myth not diperdulikannya. Galina continuing to build even when his illness worsened. The strong love between them can not even break the trust that exists. 
At the last moment, the struggle of Galileo was to meet a bright spot. Schools are equipped with water wheel has been positioned firmly. The power of love was again showing his power. Finally, the view adopted by the wrong people can be straightened. And two hearts that have a lot of deadlock was finally to be united.
In addition to being the main character, and Irwansyah Acha also contributed the voice on the soundtrack of the film production of this Servia. Whether the film will be played on January 27, 2011 to reunite their love? Or was just a mere professionalism? 

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