Video The Rite (Movie 2011)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Video The Rite (Movie 2011)
Buddy movie lovers, 2011 seems to be a paradise for movie lovers. Because of all the 2011 films appeared to provide interesting entertainment that can be outside, if in the previous article I wrote a movie titled Little Fockers, with treats drama. This time I wrote The Rite that is equally attractive, with a treat of drama, and action. 
The film is directed by Mikael Håfström and starring Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins, as well as a young man named Colin O'Donoghue Irish nationality. 

They both act as two people thinking about the nature of the characters against each other, especially about the belief that currently sedangh they have adopted. 

One always believe and trust one another always doubted it. We as spectators watch their action in a great spiritual war, while facing demons who also lives their respective hearts. 

Broadly speaking, The Rite told about a student named Michael Kovak is sent to the Vatican for a lesson due to his doubts about all the exercise that he lived all this time and even over his hesitation to his own belief. 
With a very strong sense of skepticism, Michael remained opposed to all his superiors at the Vatican when he finally handed over to be a disciple of Father Lucas, a legendary priest who has hundreds of times successfully perform exorcism - exorcism. 

Seeing all the expertise held by Father Lucas, Michael began rebuilding the confidence that had been missing, he began to see things about the occult and spiritual .. even the devil and demons.
But with all that, the evil creatures begin to interfere and try to shake his faith again. 
Video of The Rite  (Movie 2011) :
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