The Sylvian Experiments

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

 The Sylvian Experiments 2010 Hollywood Movie Information :

Director : Hiroshi Takahashi
Release Date : 2010
Genre : Horror
Cast : Yôko Chôsokabe,Mina Fujii,Momoko Hatano,Tomohiro Kaku,Nagisa Katahira,Ryôta Matsushima,Yuri Nakamura,Chôei Takahashi
The Sylvian Experiments
A scientist who was obsessed with the concept of surrealist, scientists trying to reconstruct what the surgeon sees by creating an experiment, starting with their own children!
Starting from scientists neurons and her husband found a black and white 16mm film in the basement of a dilapidated hospital. The film documents the underground experiment in a part of the human brain called the sylvian fissure in an effort to gain insight into the "forbidden territory" ...

Download Files: part1 - part2 [400MB-mkv]|fs
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Download Files: part1 - part2
Download Files: part1 - part2
Download Files: part1 - part2
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