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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dated Released : 2011
Starring : Mackenzie Rosman, Brad Dourif, Thomas Ian Nicholas
Genre : Fantasy | Horror

The story is riveting movie mania for you. Tells about the meeting between Jacob (Jordan Matthews) and Sarah (Hallee Hirsh) had never suspected before. Jacob, who has a magic sword to protect her from the threat of Mathias (Brad Dourif) who wants something from her hand.

Mathias wants an ancient necklace that Sarah's uncle said to have great power. Mathias tried to have this necklace in any way because this necklace can give him an invincible force. To achieve his goal, Mathias did not hesitate to kill thousands of people to spread the plague in a small town where she lived.

Jacob was originally just trying to help her and take her to get home safely. This effort also was not something that's easy for evil forces under the command of Mathias continued to pursue them both. Until at one point, Sarah and Jacob finally realized that before we can fight demons Mathias and troops, they should be able to beat the demons that exist in themselves.

Sarah realized that her hatred of her mother and brother should he beat while Jacob finally know the secret of his past and the only way to defeat evil is to return to the place of Jacob's family was killed.

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