The Perfect Hos

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dated Released : 7 May 2011
Star : David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Nathaniel Parker
Genre : Crime | Drama | Thriller
There are two things that can be proved by The Perfect Host. The first, the film is able to prove that David Hyde Pierce, actor more known for his comedic abilities through the television series Frasier (1993 - 2004), also has the ability to play outside. The Perfect Host Tomnay also proves that Nick is a talented director and script writer from Australia who is quite worthy to be noticed. Tomnay The Perfect Host managed to pack quite well, save the potential tensions that owned the movie script with a story so close to finally push the tension is released, The Perfect Host appear so enticing. Unfortunately, some weak spots begin to appear at the end of the story that then it can be fatal to the quality of the storytelling of this film as a whole.

The Perfect Host is a film where a minimal knowledge about the storyline of this movie is something that is highly recommended. Fewer know that the audience about what how this movie goes, the more the story of The Perfect Host will be able to perform their lure. Broadly speaking, The Perfect Host tells about a bank robber named John Taylor (Clayne Crawford) who is in his escape from the police. With feet that were wounded by police gunfire, John is now panting in his attempt to return to his lover, Simone Demarchi (Meganh Perry), who has been waiting for.

In that journey, by utilizing information from a postcard that he had stolen from the mailbox owner's house, then went to the residence of John Warwick Wilson (Pierce) and pose as friends of friends of Warwick. Although initially hesitant to accept John, Warwick - who is preparing dinner for a small party that will be done at home - finally accepted into John who use the alibi that he was locked out of his cousin's apartment which is currently not at home. When he heard his name mentioned as a fugitive cop in a radio broadcast heard Warwick, John Warwick then panicked and hostage. Although seen as a weak man, Warwick turned out to have a great plan to escape from the clutches of John.

Although only a single background story and most sites only use dialogue that occurs between the two main characters, The Perfect Host was never impressed boring. This is because director Nick Tomnay able to keep the intensity and rhythm of the story very well. Slowly, Tomnay provide background information on the two characters in the story The Perfect Host. Before entering the mid-part story, a plot surprise then presented, which should be recognized, packed very neatly and then increase the intensity of the storyline of this movie.

Increased intensity of the storyline itself is then able to be maintained properly by Tomnay, and assisted by the presence of some other plot surprises. Unfortunately, when the final surprise plot is present, The Perfect Host impressed actually lost control of the story. The final part of The Perfect Host itself seen as a passage in which attendance is futile and just throw out the image of a smart thriller that has previously been made well since the beginning of the movie. Some flashback scenes depicting characters recall John Taylor - who reconstruct why and how he was committing a bank robbery - also did not often become a stumbling block for the Perfect Host to maintain her intensity in the right direction. The series of flashback memories of John Taylor's own character and then lead to two surprises at the end of the movie plot is unfortunately utterly failed to impress and it appears likely shallow.

There is no denying, The Perfect Host ability to appear very bright - but because the direction of Nick Tomnay accurate - is that the ability to dramatize the two main actors are brilliant. Crawford and Pierce gave the appearance that the two support each other. But indeed, The Perfect Host is an exhibition of the ability of drama for David Hyde Pierce who manages to look so smart with the broad field of emotions and able to make the character look convincing ... and very scary.

The Perfect Host is a thriller that could be packaged so well by the writer and director Nick Tomnay ... at least until he tried to appear 'too intelligent' to give a plot other surprises at the end of the story of this film. Beyond that, The Perfect Host has a flow of storytelling and suspense stories that are so well preserved as well as the two main actors - especially the brilliant David Hyde Pierce - able to perform brilliantly in his acting performances. An early work which is enough to make decent Tomnay to glance in the works next.

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