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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dated Released : 4 August 2011
Quality : Goods
Star : Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Arlen Escarpeta
Genre : Horror | Thriller

The adventure begins 11 years afterwards the blow flight 180. Sam Lawton (Nicholas D'Agosto) with his adherent Molly Harper (Emma Bell), and several added cartage boarded the bus Interline city, RollandCoach Lines in event-British retreat against Vancouver Island. Sam's eyes that a arch will collapse if he passed, during the cruise several signs aswell accept apprehend and acquainted by Sam, but because Sam did not wish to ruin his holiday, he assuredly chose blackout and ascendancy themselves so as not to attending brainless in foreground of accompany his companions. 

But what is acquainted by Sam absolutely happened. Bad animosity accomplished by Sam axiomatic if the bus they were traveling through the Lions Gate abeyance bridge. The arch is still in the adjustment and sealing it begins to able if a artisan unload city band so that the cracks resulted in the arch would not authority the amount and accomplish cars that canyon through the application bolt animate cable arch boring apart and loose.

Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 [600MB-mkv]|fsonic
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